The best time of taking physical exercise

The best time of taking physical exercise

We all want to have fit mentally and physically until we are alive. But some are, some are not .so to be fit. We should follow some rules.

Sometimes we do what we should not. On the others hand we do not what we should. Sometimes someone do what they should but in a wrong way. Very few do the right work in the right time.

Let you know what they do to have fit physically and mentally at the right time.

Start exercise in the morning

morning excercise
morning excercise

Physical exercise is an important term to be fit physically and mentally. It is also the most important term what is the best time of taking of physical exercise.

Exercise in the morning is really the best period of time. The most remarkable of reason of taking physical exercise is that the exerciser takes the fresh air from fresh environment. The weather of the morning is highly benefited for human body even for human mind.

It is the mentionable that if anyone can starts the day with splendid works. The rest of the day is also passed with splendidly.So morning workout really make you cheerful and energetic. Exercise in the morning enhances mood and release end or phins.So starts exercise in the morning.

Note: If you are unable to practice morning workout on outside, you can use PROFORM 505 CST TREADMILL in your home.

Utilize the evening of taking exercise

evening excercise
evening excercise

Evening is also another important time of exercise. It is the time of stress reliving time. Through taking exercise in the evening, you can relive from stress of all types of work.

The most benefit of taking physical exercise is that one can have sound sleep taking Secondly the period is sunny rather shadow and light dark, it is the enjoyable moment of taking physical exercise. Thirdly any one can take exercise for a short period in the break session of his working period. It also regains his energy and makes his stress free.

Should we take meal before or after exercise?

meal befor and after excercise

Someone says that exercise with no fuel makes one weaker, causes fatigue and dizziness. Although the word is truth, taking food before exercise is another problem for walking, running, jogging, and even harmful for health.

What should one do? Will take food of not?

Obviously one has to take some suggestion before taking food. Large meal is suitable before three or four hour of exercise. Smaller meal is suitable before two or three hour. Liquid is suitable before one or two hour.

Drinking is appropriate before even during exercise but limited. It is good for hydration

Be fit mentally, be fit physically. Take right works on right time and be benefited perfectly, quietly, appropriately.


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